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  • Apple Natural Bar Pack 4 Units

    Unlike the other fruit bars you find in the supermarket, that are full of sugar and artificial additives, we have successfully made a snack that tastes delicious. No sugar added, no artificial additives, and gluten free. Only contains apple, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, raisins, cinnamon… nothing more. From 100% natural ingredients from organic farming.

    7,80€ -10%
  • Cocoa Natural Bar Pack 4 Units

    An antioxidant sweetness full of energy, flavor and happiness. Our natural cacao bar is made with 100% natural and delicious ingredients, all of them from organic farming. Without gluten, without added sugars or sticky syrups that change its flavor. Enjoy this natural delight that combines the exquisite taste of cocoa with nuts.

    7,80€ -10%
  • Beet & Pistachio Natural Bar Pack 4 Units

    An exquisite combination of nuts and vegetables. Our bar is made with ingredients from organic farming, contain no gluten, additives or sugars. Surprise your palate with the special combination of beets, pistachios, dates, cashews and salt. 100% natural ingredients that will fuel you with energy and that will also make you feel good

    7,80€ -10%
  • Original Natural Beef Jerky Pack 3 Units

    Pieces of tasty beef marinated with a delicious mix of spices that enhance the incredible flavor in every piece of meat. Delight yourself with this irresistible snack made with the best beef and 100% natural ingredients. Gluten-free, lactose-free, preservative-free, but packed with natural proteins.

    5,85€ -5%
  • Beef Jerky Natural Pack 6 units

    You would find on this Pack the products below:

    • Original Beef Jerky
    • Spicy Beef Jerky
    • Pepper Beef Jerky
    11,70€ -5%
  • Sweet Natural Bar Pack 8 Units

    A difference of bars plenty of sugar and artificial foods that we have found in supermarkets, we have managed to make a natural bar with a spectacular taste. No added sugar, no artificial additives and no gluten. It only contains natural products and nothing else. This package contains the different flavors;

    • Almonds & cashews,
    • Beet & pistachio,
    • Cocoa
    • Apple
    15,60€ -10%