• Nuestra granola es una combinación crocante de frutos secos, semillas, cacao, coco y quinoa. Una alternativa saludable e igual de rica que los cereales tradicionales, hecha de ingredientes 100% naturales que han sido horneados a bajas temperaturas para preservar sus nutrientes y puedas disfrutar de un desayuno lleno de vitaminas, minerales y mucha energía. Apta para celíacos, veganos y paleo.

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  • Made with milk from cows that graze free more than 320 days in Ireland. Without gluten and without added sugar. Only 100% natural ingredients: Whey isolate, powdered beet, natural coconut and raspberry aroma, and nothing else. Our whey protein isolate is rich in protein (85%), low in fat and carbohydrates to offer you a simple, clean and natural alternative

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  • Creamy, with an irresistible flavor, made with peanuts ... and only peanuts. This tempting and smooth cream has it all, except additives and added sugar. Its nutrients and authentic flavor, make it a healthy alternative for you to enjoy a rich breakfast or snack loaded with protein and natural energy..

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  • You would find on this Pack the products below:

    • Original Beef Jerky
    • Spicy Beef Jerky
    • Pepper Beef Jerky
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  • Pieces of meat marinated with our every day homemade mix, but with an exquisite touch of pepper. The queen of spices integrates perfectly with the other ingredients that season the pieces of meat. This condiment provides an incredible spicy flavor that invites the palate to enjoy a snack rich in protein, 100% natural, gluten-free, lactose-free and without refined sugar.

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  • ¡We add chili! Hemos sazonado nuestra tradicional mezcla casera con chilli para que cada trocito de carne te sorprenda aún más. El suave aroma picante del chili que condimenta este delicioso snack hará que tu experiencia sea aún más placentera. Disfruta de una excitante merienda rica en proteína, 100% natural, sin gluten, sin lactosa y sin azúcar refinado.

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