"Change what you eat is the first step to change the world"


Natural Athlete is a new way of life. A new way of taking care of yourself A new way of understanding food. A new model of feeding for a new world.

Behind us are Niklas and Octavio, two people who one day had the dream of changing the world through what we eat.

Years ago we discovered that a healthy diet, without artificial additives, without sugar and only with ingredients that are good for us, improved our lives in a radical way.

At that time we began a research process that led to what is now Natural Athlete through a maxim that we strictly follow in all our products: always use only and totally natural ingredients of the best quality, which really feel good and that is really good.


Change the way the world feeds to achieve a healthier, longer and happier society.

In the last 60 years, diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes or Alzheimer's have suffered a dramatic increase. The cases of childhood obesity have multiplied x10 in the last 40 years (even in the developing regions), and in 2016, for the first time in history, cases of obesity in the world exceeded those of malnutrition.

T All this can be changed by returning to a healthy diet. Going back to a diet that nurtures us and not just fill our stomachs.

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We do not want to hide anything. Our products are good but they are also good. And that's why we teach everything. Up to the percentage of our ingredients. And if they copy us? Best! We will be getting more truly healthy products in the market.

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We not only manufacture natural, rich and healthy products without added sugars, refined carbohydrates and endless harmful additives, but also products that are good for us and help us to find ourselves better, both physically and mentally.

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To be healthy and feel good does not have to be at odds with the taste. We are obsessed that our products are full of flavor, that they are rich and not just that they are good.

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The earth has taken more than 4,000 million years to get here, the human being has almost 3 million on it and, if we continue like this, we will end it in only 200 years. But we have time to change things and if we all put our grain of sand we will achieve it. That's why we respect the environment, not only with the products, but also with the packaging and that's why we teach you how to reuse it.

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It is our main value. We will never fail you. It is what allows us to guarantee that all other values ​​are and will be true.


We want to transform the perception we have of food and revolutionize the way we eat, returning to opt for really healthy and nutritious foods, and not those designed to give the greatest benefit.


Much more than natural foods. Delicious foods that really feel good. Foods that benefit our body, our mind and our development. Food without artificial additives, without gluten, without sugar and that only have good things.