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  • Natural Peanut Butter 500 g

    Creamy, with an irresistible flavor, made with peanuts ... and only peanuts. This tempting and smooth cream has it all, except additives and added sugar. Its nutrients and authentic flavor, make it a healthy alternative for you to enjoy a rich breakfast or snack loaded with protein and natural energy.

  • Chocolate Vegan Protein

    Made with organic ingredients, gluten free and without added sugar. Our vegan protein is naturally rich in protein (70%), has a superb aminogram and excellent nutritional values. We combine the proteins of easy digestion of pea, rice and hemp, with the delicious flavor of cocoa so that you can enjoy a vegetable protein with the best of nature.

  • Ground Oats- Vanilla

    We have managed to make a milled oatmeal with an exceptional flavor without using sweeteners, dyes, or artificial preservatives to improve its flavor. We only use ground oats sweetened naturally with the delicious aroma of vanilla. Ingredients are 100% natural and from organic farming so you can enjoy a natural morning with a real breakfast.

  • Natural Hot Chocolate

    Finally ... a healthy Cocoa! Made with 100% natural ingredients, derived from organic farming, gluten-free, lactose-free, of course, without refined sugar. Enjoy the delicious taste of traditional Cocoa powder and Chocolate to your favorite milk or vegetable drink with -75% less sugar than the traditional cocoa drinks.