It only has good things

    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    Unlike the other fruit bars you find in the supermarket, that are full of sugar and artificial additives, we have successfully made a snack that tastes delicious. No sugar added, no artificial additives, and gluten free. Only contains apple, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, raisins, cinnamon… nothing more. From 100% natural ingredients from organic farming.

    What´s inside of our Natural bars?

    Gluten free, lactose free, no added sugar and no artificial additives. This bar is only made with natural and organic ingredients that will fuel you with energy at all time. In addition, to the genuine sweetness that the apples, raisins and cinnamon give, you will find the natural energy of sunflower seeds and buckwheat germ.

    Who´s it for?

    HWe have created this bar in order to offer a natural, rich and healthy alternative not only for all those people who leave the house without having breakfast, those who need mid-morning snack or those who simply like healthy and delicious things, but also for:

    • Parents and mothers worried about what their children health
    • Athletes who care about their diet and seek natural nutritional supplements.
    • Celiacs, vegans, followers of the paleo diet and all those who, either through intolerance or a personal choice, are looking for a 100% natural bar.
    • For all those who have already taken a step towards a conscious, organic, natural nutrition and are looking for a bar that fits with their lifestyle...

    A massive dose of nutrients

    Apple and buckwheat are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber; essential nutrients to keep us healthy. Especially the apple that helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, improves our memory and prevents the of cavities.

    Sunflower seeds are extremely rich in proteins and fatty acids that together with the raisins, provide lasting energy to perform at our best. They also provide us with vitamin E, known as the vitamin of youth, and are particularly rich in magnesium and copper, minerals that take strengthen our skin, bones and joints.

    Finally, cinnamon works as a powerful brain stimulant that regulates cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

    Why should you choose Natural Athletes bars?

    • If you need a quick snack but you still want the benefits of healthy and natural eating.
    • If you are trying to control the amount of refined sugar you ingest.
    • If you are celiac, vegan, vegetarian, paleo or just want to eat natural and you do not want to give up snacking between meals.

    Some advice...

    Keep in a cool, dry and dark place at room temperature. Once opened, consume after 7 days.

    RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance for a 2.000 Kcal of an adult defined by the World Healthcare Organization


    "Tengo ganas de probarlas todas!"


    "No está tan rica...."


    "No me gusta mucho el sabor"


    "ricas y saciantes"


    "Muy buenas"


    "Esta buena, aunque no tanto como las demás, para mi gusto."


    "No me gustó tanto, más que nada por la textura"




    "Muy rica"


    "Está muy buena y sacia bastante."


    "Rica y sana."


    "La textura y el sabor son óptimos, con el punto justo de acidez y dulzura"


    "Me han gustado mucho. Sin duda las compraré en mi próximo pedido."


    "ricas pero igual para mi gusto un poco dulces de más"


    "Sabroso y natural."




    "Me costó comerlo al estar seco"


    "Riquísimas. Sin mas."


    "Al principio me pareció un sabor estraño , pero pronto comprendí que mi paladar está hecho a base de azúcar, dos bocados más y delicioso y un aporte de energía y buena sensación de saciedad"


    "Muy rica y práctica"


    "Muy rica y viene bien para un rato antes de entrenar."


    "Está rica!"


    "Sabor a manzana verde y textura agradable."

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