• Natural Barrita Almendra y anacardo - Pack 4
  • Natural Barrita Almendra y anacardo - Pack 4

Almond & Cashews Natural Bar Pack 4 Units


    * procedente de agricultura ecológica

    Why does it makes you feel so good?

    This bar is the perfect combination of almonds and cashews, sweetened with dates and a touch of salt to accentuate its irresistible flavor. Enjoy a 100% natural bar, made with naturally delicious ingredients from organic farming. Without gluten, lactose, added sugars and, of course, artificial additives.

    ¿Whats inside and who is it for?

    If you like nuts, then you have found your bar. It’s a bar that has no gluten, lactose, or added sugar, no lies. In it you will only find almonds, cashews, dates and a pinch of salt. The perfect combination of totally natural and organic ingredients that will sweeten your palate and fuel you with energy at any time.

    ¿Who’s it for?

    We have created this bar in order to offer a natural, rich and healthy alternative not only for all those people who leave the house without having breakfast, those who need mid-morning snack or those who simply like healthy and delicious things, but also for:

    • Parents and mothers worried about what their children health.
    • Athletes who care about their diet and seek natural nutritional supplements.
    • Celiacs, vegans, followers of the paleo diet and all those who, either through intolerance or a personal choice, are looking for a 100% natural bar..
    • For all those who have already taken a step towards a conscious, organic, natural nutrition and are looking for a bar that fits with their lifestyle .

    A Massive Dose of Nutrients

    The nutritional power of almonds is unmatched. If you add phosphorus, selenium, folic acid and cashew's essential oils to the properties of the most prominent ingredient of this bar, you will be ready to overcome all the challenges you propose The dates melt with the crispy nuts in a very special way. This antioxidant candy sweetens almonds and cashews with multiple vitamins, fiber and natural fruit sugars. Keep your heart under control and your energy full with this bar. .

    ¿Why should you choose Natural Athletes bars?

    • If you need a quick snack but you you still want the benefits of healthy and natural eating.
    • If you are trying to control the amount of refined sugar you ingest.
    • If you are celiac, vegan, vegetarian, paleo or just want to eat natural and you do not want to give up snacking between meals.
    • Because you love almonds so much, you don’t stop until you finish the pack. .

    Some Advice...

    Keep in a cool, dry and dark place at room temperature. Once opened, consume after 7 days.

    RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance for a 2.000 Kcal of an adult defined by the World Healthcare Organization


    "Me gustan mucho."


    "Bastante bueno"




    "Snack muy rico y lleno de sabor. Ingredientes top"


    "Repito pedido de barritas por que son muy buenas y sin lactosa y no son tan masa como otras. Y sacian un montón."


    "Buen producto"




    "Calidad precio fantástica. Ingredientes excelentes. Muy buen sabor y saciante"


    "Opino lo mismo que con las de cacao... espectaculares!"


    "Del 10"


    "Naturalmente buenas :)"


    "Muy buenas"


    "Buena y dulce"


    "Están muy buenas y llenan bastante"


    "Alucinantes!!!!!! Las más ricas que he probado!!!!! Textura, sabor... Todo están riquísimas"


    "Genial como snack."

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