• Natural Barrita Cacao - Pack 4
  • Natural Barrita Cacao - Pack 4

Cocoa Natural Bar Pack 4 Units


    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    An antioxidant sweetness full of energy, flavor and happiness. Our natural cacao bar is made with 100% natural and delicious ingredients, all of them from organic farming. Without gluten, without added sugars or sticky syrups that change its flavor. Enjoy this natural delight that combines the exquisite taste of cocoa with nuts.

    ¿What is inside and to whom is our natural bar directed?

    ¡No lies, or marketing…Rest assured our bar has no added sugars, no additives, no gluten, and no preservatives. only cocoa, hazelnuts, dates, cashews, raisins and a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor. Our ingredients are organic from their most natural state and will fill you with energy at any time.

    ¿Who’s it for?

    We have created this bar in order to offer a natural, rich and healthy alternative not only for all those people who leave the house without having breakfast, those who need mid-morning snack or those who simply like healthy and delicious things, but also for: :

    • Parents and mothers worried about what their children health.
    • Athletes who care about their diet and seek natural nutritional supplements.
    • Celiacs, vegans, followers of the paleo diet and all those who, either through intolerance or a personal choice, are looking for a 100% natural bar.
    • For all those who have already taken a step towards a conscious, organic, natural nutrition and are looking for a bar that fits with their lifestyle.

    A massive dose of nutrients

    Cocoa is a powerful food with many beneficial properties for your health. Besides being delicious, it is rich in polyphenols; antioxidant able to improve your mood. It also stimulates the production of endorphins and is tremendously energetic. It will help you stay active, happy and to recover strength. The vitamin A of raisins and hazelnuts care and protect your eye’s health. This added with the benefit of the lipids in hazelnuts and the unsaturated fatty acids in cashew nuts, will keep your cholesterol level at bay. The same way that the potassium of the dates is the stimulus you need to care for your heart’s health.

    ¿Why should you choose Natural Athletes bars?

    • If you love chocolate, but look for a healthier and more natural alternative.
    • If you want a quick and healthy snack at work or school, between meals.
    • If you are trying to control the amounts of refined sugar you ingest from food.
    • If you are celiac, vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant and you also like snacking between meals.

    Some Advice...

    Keep in a cool, dry and dark place at room temperature. Once opened, consume after 7 days.

    "Una textura muy ligera y un sabor muy bueno."