• Natural barritas pack 2x4 Sabores

Sweet Natural Bar Pack 8 Units


    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    A difference of bars plenty of sugar and artificial foods that we have found in supermarkets, we have managed to make a natural bar with a spectacular taste. No added sugar, no artificial additives and no gluten. It only contains natural products and nothing else. This package contains the different flavors;
    • Almonds & cashews,
    • Beet & pistachio,
    • Cocoa
    • Apple

    What is inside of our natural bar?

    Only good and natural things. In this bar you will find the taste of beet and nuts. Completely natural and ecological ingredients that will fuel you with energy at all time. It’s a bar that has no gluten, lactose, or added sugar; NO lies.

    Who’s it for?

    We have created this bar in order to offer a natural, rich and healthy alternative not only for all those people who leave the house without having breakfast, those who need mid-morning snack or those who simply like healthy and delicious things, but also for:

    • Parents worried about what their children health.
    • Athletes who care about their diet and seek natural nutritional supplements.
    • Celiacs, vegans, followers of the paleo diet and all those who, either through intolerance or a personal choice, are looking for a 100% natural bar.
    • For all those who have already taken a step towards a conscious, organic, natural nutrition and are looking for a bar that fits with their lifestyle.

    A massive Dose of Nutrients

    The beetroot not only gives color and natural sweetness, but its nutritional properties provide incredible benefits for your health. This delicious aphrodisiac will fuel you with energy, vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium and group B vitamins.. The fiber of nuts and beets plays a key role in keeping your intestinal health in balance, also helping you keep cravings at bay. The pleasant flavor of pistachios is loaded with proteins, antioxidants and B6 vitamins; the latter is responsible for transporting oxygen to the cells and strengthening the immune system. The fatty acids in cashews provide energy and the dates that keep your heart healthy by reducing cholesterol levels.

    Why should you choose Natural Athletes bars?

    • If you want a quick and healthy snack at work or school, between meals.
    • If just like us, you are aware that refined sugar is dangerous for your health and trying to control the amounts you ingest.
    • If you are celiac, vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant and you also like snacking between meals.
    • Because you prefer to eat delicious things that are naturally healthy

    Some Advice...

    Keep in a cool, dry and dark place at room temperature. Once opened, consume after 7 days.

    "Descubrí la marca por casualidad en un supermercado, llevo meses tomando estas barritas, me encantan, cualquiera de ellas, y yo las tomo depués de hacer deporte."


    "Muy rápido y eficaz"


    "El de chocolate muy bueno"