* procedente de agricultura ecológica
    Try our Peanut Butter! It is 100% natural, perfect for vegans and celiac, contains of 100% peanuts, without sugar and gluten free. Additionally, peanut butter is so versatile, that you can use it to prepare many different dishes, it is beyond the simple filling! Try it with pancakes, sauces, cookies and muffins.  

    Try our Natural and Organic Cashew Butter.

    As being of 100% cashew butter without sugar, and gluten free, it is a perfect option for vegans, celiac, and lactose intolerants.

    Full stomach and happy heart!

    Cashew Butter provides a good contribution of fats, proteins and fiber that will make you feel sated for longer time! Besides satiety, the type of fats that cashew butter provides, is an excellent ally to take care of your heart and have at the bay your ¨bad¨ cholesterol.

    Improve your performance

    The input of minerals from cashew butter also makes it an excellent ally to improve our performance in our daily activities… And not only daily ones! Cashews are excellent for reducing cramps or muscle spasms, and fatigue caused by exercise.

    Say goodbye to depression…

    Among all of its benefits,cashew butter has good contribution in tryptophan, and vitamin B1 and B6, which are involved in the production of serotonin and decrease the risk of depression.

    Cashew Butter. Beyond the simple filling!

    Cashew Butter is so versatile that it permits you to use it with many kinds of dishes, it is beyond the simple filling! You can use it to make your recipes more delicious, try it with pancakes and snacks like cookies, biscuits, muffins and sauces.

    Try it now! Besides, in Natural Athlete we offer you packs, which will make your life easier. Find us easily here!

    RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance for a 2.000 Kcal of an adult defined by the World Healthcare Organization


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    "Me ha encantado"


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    "Me gusta pero prefería una textura un poco más líquida como la de avellana para poder usarla en más preparaciones de repostería."

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