• Natural Beef jerky Original Pack 3x25g
  • Natural Beef jerky Original Pack 3x25g

Original Natural Beef Jerky Pack 3 Units


    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    Pieces of tasty beef marinated with a delicious mix of spices that enhance the incredible flavor in every piece of meat. Delight yourself with this irresistible snack made with the best beef and 100% natural ingredients. Gluten-free, lactose-free, preservative-free, but packed with natural proteins.

    Nutrition and exciting flavor in each piece of meat

    For every 100g of these tasty pieces of marinated meat, we find excellent nutrients for muscle development:

    • 54.7g of high quality proteins
    • 4.8g of fats
    • 4.4g of carbohydrates

    In addition, beef is rich in essential amino acids, zinc, iron and vitamin B12; micronutrients that will help you in the process of growth and proper functioning of your immune system.

    ¿How is our Beef Jerky manufactured and who is it for?

    It's very simple, we use 260g of meat to get 100g of Beef Jerky. The meat is seasoned with a tasty homemade mixture of wine vinegar, garlic, sea salt, onion, panela, black pepper, bay leaf, cayenne and ginger. It is left to dry and then cut into strips. The result: a healthy snack loaded with nutrients.

    We have created our Beef Jerky thinking of offering a healthy alternative, as natural as possible; free of additives, lactose and preservatives. This snack of dried meat is an excellent source of natural proteins, designed kids and adults. Ideal for celiacs, followers of the paleo diet and athletes, enjoy the incredible taste of the best beef and, at the same time, ensures the intake of protein at any time of day.

    ¿Why choose Beef Jerky as a healthy snack?

    • If you want to incorporate quality protein in your snacks.
    • If like us, you are aware that refined sugar is dangerous to your health and you try to control its consumption.
    • If you are a celiac, follower of the paleo or lactose intolerant diet and also snack between meals.
    • If you always have the pepper grinder in the spice box.
    • If you like to try different things.

    Don’t forget...

    It is ready to eat and does not need refrigeration, you can take it everywhere. Consume it within 24 hours of being opened. Well, we know it will not last you so long in the bag...