• Pack Proteínas Whey

Raspberry & Coconut Whey Protein Pack 2x750g


    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    Made with milk from cows that graze free more than 320 days in Ireland. Without gluten and without added sugar. Only 100% natural ingredients: Whey isolate, powdered beet, natural coconut and raspberry aroma, and nothing else. Our whey protein isolate is rich in protein (85%), low in fat and carbohydrates to offer you a simple, clean and natural alternative

    ¿Whey protein?

    If the term sounds a bit strange to you, maybe powdered cow's milk is more familiar to you. Whey protein has a very complete composition of essential amino acids and, in addition, quickly provides all the nutrients that our muscles need to be in shape. For this reason, it is usually the favorite of runners, mountain bikers or swimmers.

    ¿Why should you take Natural Athlete’s whey protein?

    We have developed a whey protein simple and natural, but of great purity to offer an excellent alternative to supplement your diet naturally. No refined sugar, gluten, or artificial ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. Only real ingredients, 100% natural that we feel good. Ideal for anyone with aerobic activities who wants to maintain or strengthen their body naturally.

    Feeding grass-fed vs industrial feed, ¿what is the difference?


    industrial feed

    • Cows that can graze and go for a walk with freedom.

    • Fed only grass and green leaves.

    • Better Quality Milk high in Omega 3 and Vitamin A, E, and K (which helps your bones absorb calcium).

    • Balance of the cow and its environment.

    • Cows in artificial environments, with very little freedom of movement.

    • Fed corn and soy.

    • Poor Quality Milk with little nutrients.

    • Pollutes environment and uses more natural reasourses.

    • Excessive use of medications, hormones and antibiotics.

    The perfect way to enjoy the perfect protein shake.

    1. Add 30g of protein in your mixer.
    2. Add 150ml of water or your favorite vegetable drink.
    3. Shake strongly for 10 or 15 seconds.
    4. Enjoy ;)

    Recommendation for consumption... 

    Store in a cool place at room temperature.