Benefits, Why it´s so good?

High in proteins, low in carbohydrates

Our grass-fed whey is a protein of the highest quality and purity. Its incredible nutritional values ​​will help you maintain and strengthen your body naturally.

Proteins (77%)

BCAA (19.3%)

Carbohydrates (2.62%)

Why is protein isolate better?

Simply because it is purer. Normally, the protein concentrate can have up to 80% purity, while the isolate contains more than 90%. To obtain a higher quality, the whey isolate goes through a filtration technique where non-protein materials are...

Protein isolate (90%)

Protein concentrate (80%)

Great source of amino acids

Our whey protein isolate contains a perfect BCAA profile or branched chain amino acids. These nutrients stimulate the synthesis of proteins and, moreover, are essential to regenerate and strengthen your muscle tissues.

Leucine (8.02%)

Isoleucine (5.90%)

Valine (5.38%)

Happy cows equals better quality milk

The equation is very simple: the quality of the whey protein is related to what the cows eat and how they live. The same way we feel good and enjoy fresh air, green fields and natural food, they also feel good moving freely and feed on grass. For this reason, we obtain our whey protein from the milk of cows that graze freely and without stress through the lush Irish countryside.


    * procedente de agricultura ecológica

    Made with milk from cows that graze free more than 320 days a year in Ireland. Without gluten and without added sugar. Only 100% natural ingredients: whey isolate, cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavor and nothing else. Our whey protein isolate is rich in protein (77%), low in fat and carbohydrates to offer you a simple, clean and as natural alternative as possible

    ¿Whey protein?

    If the term sounds a bit strange to you, maybe powdered cow's milk is more familiar to you. Whey protein has a very complete composition of essential amino acids and, in addition, quickly provides all the nutrients that our muscles need to be in shape. For this reason, it is usually the favorite of runners, mountain bikers or swimmers.

    ¿Why should you use Natural Athlete’s whey protein?

    We have developed a whey protein simple and natural, and of great purity to offer an excellent alternative to supplement your diet naturally. No refined sugar, gluten, or artificial ingredients difficult to pronounce. Only real ingredients, 100% natural that make you feel good. Ideal for any person taking part in any type of sport or training and wants to maintain or strengthen their body naturally.

    Feeding grass-fed vs industrial feed, ¿what is the difference?


    industrial feed

    • Cows that can graze and go for a walk with freedom.

    • Fed only grass and green leaves.

    • Better Quality Milk high in Omega 3 and Vitamin A, E, and K (which helps your bones absorb calcium).

    • Happy cow in a balanced environment.

    • Cows live in an unbalanced environment.

    • Fed corn, soy or feed.

    • Poor Quality Milk with little nutrients.

    • Pollutes environment and uses more natural reasourses.

    • Excessive use of medications, hormones and antibiotics.

    Recommendation for consumption...

    Store in a cool place at room temperature.

    RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance for a 2.000 Kcal of an adult defined by the World Healthcare Organization


    "Muy buen sabor, de alta calidad comparado con otras marcas y buen precio!"


    "Esta buenísima y de muy buena calidad."


    "Me encanta"


    "Me encanta."


    "Tengo problemas de IBS y no encontraba ninguna proteína aislada que me fuera bien y que no fuera sin sabor. Esta, al no llevar ningún edulcorante ni aditivos me va perfecta. Se acabó el sufrir el batido post entreno. Ahora es todo un placer :)"


    "proteína espectacular"


    "Un sabor increíble"


    "Están muy buenas aún que se disuelven un poco mal"


    "Sin grumos y el sabor muy rico ."


    "Me encanta el sabor y el olor y aun me gusta más que no lleve azúcar. Para mi es perfecta porque además es de leche de vacas felices y para mi eso cuenta. Si eres vegetariano creo que es la mejor opción."

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