• Superfoods Concentración

Natural Superfoods Concentration

How to prepare it

Spread or mix a teaspoon with your favorite foods or drinks.

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    Smoothies or te

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    Stew ot sauces

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    Muffins, pancakes o waffles


    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    A healthy, agile and active mind! Give an amazing boost to your mind and body with this powerful blend of powdered nutrients. Made with BIO ingredients and 100% natural. Our superfood combines the properties of ginkgo biloba, cocoa, flax, maca, guarana and baobab, with sunflower lecithin to help you clear your head, improve your memory and increase your concentration.

    ¿What are superfoods?

    Superfoods are 100% natural foods high in nutritional value for our body. Such as fruits, algae, roots, seeds or easily assimilated herbs that contain multiple beneficial properties for our body. In addition to nourishing, they help detoxify the organism, increase energy, strengthen the immune system and produce a sense of well-being in general.

    ¿Why should I use superfoods in my meals?

    Today, the frantic pace we live at does not always allow us to lead the healthy lifestyle we would like. Since we know this, we have selected and carefully combined these magnificent foods to offer you the most simple and as natural alternative as possible to complement your dishes, juices or infusions.

    All our superfoods come from organic farming, they do not contain gluten, lactose or added sugar. They have been designed with a lot of love so that they are good for everyone: children, adults, people with a special diet such as celiac, vegans and the paleo diet.

    A brilliant mind .

    This mixture contains a high concentration of natural nutrients that promotes brain circulation and enhances cognitive development. Cocoa caffeine along with the flavonoids and terpenes of Gingko Biloba boost blood flow. Therefore, its properties will help you keep your body and mind in shape, perform better at work, at school or before your engaging in physical activity...

    Los aceites esenciales, fosfolípidos y activos del Lino, la Lecitina de girasol, el Guaraná y la Maca también estimulan la actividad cerebral y refuerzan la memoria. Además, las vitaminas y minerales del Baobab, te dan energía y vitalidad para obtener el enfoque necesario para realizar tus tareas diarias.

    Recommendation for consumption...

    The recommended dose is 10g or one teaspoon per day. Preferably with breakfast and always accompanied by food. Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.


    May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.

    RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance for a 2.000 Kcal of an adult defined by the World Healthcare Organization


    "No tiene buen sabor, me quedo con que sea bueno para la salud."